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Survey Shows 10% Enterprise BI Adoption Rate

Is 10% ever an acceptable adoption rate?

Imagine that you’re on the road during rush hour with ten other cars. Now imagine that you’re the only one with a clear windshield, a working fuel gauge, and an accurate speedometer. As a soft and squishy human made of meat and bones, does that give you the sense of safety that you would hope for in a situation where multiple tons of metal and machinery are hurtling down a narrow piece of real-estate at high speed? In this situation you are the 10% of your fellow travelers who have adopted the most basic of tools to get you to your destination.


Clients in the Wild

You never see this stuff until a client opens your eyes.

Saw an Atlas Copco compressor in our parking lot today. Few people know the name Atlas Copco, yet so many of their products are sitting out there, right under our noses. After you've read this, I can almost guarantee that you'll notice the name more often. That's how it works for us, at least.