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100+ European Cities Now More Easily Bookable on www.EuropebyAir.com

Salzburg, Sharm El Sheikh, Santorini, and Seville—four cities in Austria, Egypt, Greece and Italy—have more in common than starting with the letter “S”. They’re also four of more than 100 destination cities in Europe served by Transavia Airlines which Europe-By-Air’s customers can now book at www.EuropebyAir.com. The partnership between Europe-By-Air and Transavia, coupled with Chatfield’s technical integration, brings the airline’s inventory and routes to the booking site’s customers, utilizing the easy-to-use interface deployed to EuropebyAir.com by Chatfield in 2011.

If you’re ever used an online travel site to book airline tickets, you might be thinking, “so what’s the big deal?”

The big deal is the direct integration between Europe-by-Air and Transavia, without a “middle man” component provided by a GDS or other consolidator. The big deal is those 100+ destinations, many of which are difficult to book on other travel sites. And the big deal is better availability search, more travel options, and lower costs for Europe-by-Air’s customers.

And in a world where more travelers think “air travel” and “customer service” are an oxymoron, we think that is a pretty big deal.

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