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What’s So Cool About 675th Place?

As I walked out the door to head to a client meeting recently, Jillian (our rock star receptionist) hands me a package to give to Simon from Inc Magazine. It’s Chatfield’s “Inc. 5000” Ranking, and frankly, I’m hoping for anything better than 4,999th. Not because rankings really matter in the grand scheme of things. The Inc. 5000 is a ranking of the fastest growing companies in the United States, based on revenue. So a really fast growing company with crappy products which haven’t caught up to their revenue growth can have a really high ranking. And companies with really great products in a mature market won’t even register a blip.

So upon opening the package, I’m relieved to find out that we’re not 4,999th (because honestly, who cares—you made the cut by one; it’s like making the weekend  at The Masters on the cut line and being 18 strokes off the lead. Nobody is following you around Augusta). As it turns out, Chatfield is the 675th fastest growing company according to Inc. Magazine, and the 55th fastest growing software company (out of 305). That’s definitely not bottom of the list, or even middle of the pack. It’s shouting distance to the 500 fastest growing companies, and that’s pretty cool.

What’s cool about that? For starters, it means that Chatfield has been able continue to produce high quality, multi-platform, complex, mission-critical business applications and do so for more clients, more frequently, in an economic climate that it would be generous to call “bad.”

It validates the hard work of every one of our employees, on-site and off-site, from analysts, PMs, and developers, to admins, HR, and executives.

It means that attention to detail, dedication to quality, and desire for excellence still means something in software development, when so much business is being shipped off-shore to quick and dirty bit-factories pumping out crummy, bloated code with no understanding of the business need the code is supposed to solve.

It confirms the trust our clients have placed in us—trust to manage their critical business systems, confidential data, and customer experiences—because they’ve been telling their peers about us and referring new business to us.

And finally, it motivates us to continue to grow smart, pushing the envelope with new technologies, delving into new industries, and solving new business problems for clients small and large.

(And, frankly, we’re not 4,999th—and that IS pretty darn cool.)


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