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Survey Shows 10% Enterprise BI Adoption Rate

Is 10% ever an acceptable adoption rate?

Imagine that you’re on the road during rush hour with ten other cars. Now imagine that you’re the only one with a clear windshield, a working fuel gauge, and an accurate speedometer. As a soft and squishy human made of meat and bones, does that give you the sense of safety that you would hope for in a situation where multiple tons of metal and machinery are hurtling down a narrow piece of real-estate at high speed? In this situation you are the 10% of your fellow travelers who have adopted the most basic of tools to get you to your destination.


According to the Business Application Research Council’s (BARC) ninth edition of their BI (business intelligence) study only 10% of enterprises have “deployed BI to a majority of their users.” Let’s just break that down a bit… First of all, we’re talking about enterprises – the Avnets, the American Expresses, the General Motors, the Starbucks, etc., etc.. We’re not talking about companies that can’t afford business intelligence systems. These guys have a higher paper cup budget (Starbuck’s aside) than would be needed to deploy a BI solution. How is that possible?

Like cars on a highway, enterprises are hurtling down the international super-highway of commerce. Some are so big and important that if they are in any danger of crashing, whole governments bail them out. Thousands, nay, millions of people rely on these corporations for their livelihood. Thousands, maybe millions, of retirees likely have these corporations’ stock in their retirement portfolios. Forgive me if I find it a bit unsettling that only 10% of enterprises are utilizing BI.

In complex organizations leaders have to have their fingers on key business data. Revenue, expenditures, materials costs, investment earnings, data usage, utilities and so on. Leaders who don’t have up-to-date and accurate data on any of these critical pieces of information will have a difficult time steering – or, God forbid – righting their ship in times of upheaval. Forget the reactionary ramifications. How about tracking performance against goals? If you don’t have that information in a timely, accurate and easily digestible format, how do you motivate employees or make tactical adjustments?

On the same international super-highway of commerce with these enterprises, you might not be worried about them turning you into a road-kill pancake, but you might be concerned for their employees or shareholders. Going further, you might be concerned that a portion of the taxes you pay will go towards a bail-out of some sort.

It’s 2011 folks. Spreadsheets are dead – or should be – and BI isn’t just for enterprises. Business Intelligence software is for any company whose leaders keep a sharp and proactive focus on their key operational data. In 2011 commit to taking hold of your actionable data and let The Chatfield Group help.

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