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Clients in the Wild

You never see this stuff until a client opens your eyes.

Saw an Atlas Copco compressor in our parking lot today. Few people know the name Atlas Copco, yet so many of their products are sitting out there, right under our noses. After you've read this, I can almost guarantee that you'll notice the name more often. That's how it works for us, at least.

It's happened before. A new client hires us for a project (or many) - we may or may not have heard of them before - an whammo! We see their stuff all over the place. Such is the case with Atlas Copco.

For those who have never heard of them before, you'd probably be surprise to know that Atlas Copco is one the (if not the) world's leading manufacturer of heavy machinery including commercial mining equipment, industrial tools, power generators (movable, as well as stationary), and of course, air compressors. They operate in numerous countries accross the globe and, in fact, our project sponsor is based in Belgium.

Atlas Copco came to us for a custom business intelligence application and dashboard. They're excellent stewards of their clients and do everything they can to attain customer feedback from their valued clientele. We help them do that. We also built a web-based dashboard to display that information. Our Enterprise Survey Platform (ESP, for short) and its accompanying dashboard supports numerous languages and displays results in multiple formats for drilling down to very targetted data.

We're very glad to have Atlas Copco as a client and cheer on their success when we see their equipment. It really warms our heart to know that they are probably getting valuable feedback from the owner of that piece of equipment using our software!

Give us a call at (480) 776-6390 or shoot us an e-mail to learn more about our custom business intelligence capabilities and dashboarding tools! We'd love to be able to notice your products and services out in the wild, too!

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