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100+ European Cities Now More Easily Bookable on www.EuropebyAir.com

Salzburg, Sharm El Sheikh, Santorini, and Seville—four cities in Austria, Egypt, Greece and Italy—have more in common than starting with the letter “S”.


What’s So Cool About 675th Place?

As it turns out, Chatfield is the 675th fastest growing company according to Inc. Magazine, and the 55th fastest growing software company (out of 305). That’s definitely not bottom of the list, or even middle of the pack.


"Today we’ll be teaching you all how to paint"

"Today we’ll be teaching you all how to paint," Roy said.

Roy is the House Leader for a Habitat for Humanity duplex being built in Glendale, AZ. He said this after 100 percent of a crew of about 25 people, including 10 TCGers, responded yes to his previous question (“How many of you have ever painted before?”)

Uh oh.